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Oxygen Analyzer

Medicaid O2 Analyzer is a portable, compact and light weight unit indigenously designed for measuring O2 concentration percentage.

With Microprocessor controlled programming, it provides enhanced performance and permits the doctor to monitor the supply of O2 through anaesthesia trolley in surgery and also in ICU where the o2 supply is through pipe line or O2 concentrator. With measurement ranging from 0 to 100%, this O2 Analyzer when used with pipeline system or with oxygen cylinder assures the consistent supply and warns when the supply fails. Thus, adding to the safety of critically ill patient.


Key Features

With dimensions 145mm x 75mm x30mm, this O2 Analyzer is very light weight, easy to use and portable device, perfect for doctors and paediatricians to carry anywhere they go.

Ü Ease of Use:
With its large, easily readable, user controlled Backlit LCD display; it provides easy user operation and one Simple system with Auto One touch calibration for high and low.

Ü Alarm System:
The O2 Analyzer has fast sensor response and long life. With auto diagnostics with fault message, it has sensor disconnect and failure alarm system. It has audible and visual High and Low Limit Alarms, faulty calibration and battery low alarms with different sounds.

The Medicaid O2 Analyzer is user selectable with good average time of (default 6 sec) and comes with a 36 months warranty. Using the O2 Analyzer, you can check the o2 concentration at regular interval to confirm the proper functioning of zeolite – ideal to regular O2 in critical conditions and during surgery. 

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